Catawissa Man’s Plane Crashes Near Gettysburg

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BLOOMSBURG  -- Investigators from the FAA and the NTSB are working to figure out what caused a plane crash near Gettysburg Thursday.

On Friday, we learned the plane took off from the Bloomsburg Airport just about 30 minutes before. The plane is registered to a man from Catawissa.

Investigators sifted through this pile of rubble near Gettysburg, trying to figure out why the plane crashed.

It is registered to Michael Bronzburg of Catawissa.

"Michael flew his airplane in last Friday afternoon from Virginia and he rented a hanger off us," said Airport Manager Richard Sharrow.

Sharrow says he didn’t know too much more about Bronzburg since he was new to the airport, but says they talked for a short time last Friday.

"He was in a house near Catawissa area and him and his girlfriend were living over there and he was going to travel back and forth between his work locations,” said Sharrow.

Bronzburg’s plane took off from the Bloomsburg Airport around 5 a.m. the day after Christmas, and crashed in a field about a half hour later near Gettysburg.  People living nearby say it sounded like an awful car crash.

“About quarter after 5, I hear this roar and then boom,” said witness Mike Wertz.

Two people were killed in the crash, the NTSB and FAA investigators spent hours searching for clues that might explain what caused such a tragic crash.

"It's a shame. Never, never dreamed I'd ever have an airplane crash in my backyard,” said Wertz.

"It is sad.  No one likes to see an airplane crash,” said Sharrow.

The names of the victims have not been released and the NTSB has yet to confirm whether or not Michael Bronzburg was in his Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche Plane when it crashed.