Two Police Chiefs Retiring

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ASHLAND -- Two well-known police chiefs in Schuylkill County will be retiring this month. For one of them, Friday was his last day.

We rode along with Ashland Police Chief Adam Bernodin in one of his last patrols of the community he loves. Chief Bernodin started as a patrolman and during his 40-year career then rose through the ranks to chief. He said when he started law enforcement was a lot simpler.

"Times have changed, things have changed. When we first started alcohol was our main problem, now it's drugs.  It constantly has you running."

As Chief Bernodin cleans out his desk, he remembers his accomplishments. That includes his placement in the Police Hall Of Fame for saving two lives: one man from a fire, the second whose heart stopped after coming in contact with an electric wire.

Bernodin will still be a part-time patrolman in Ringtown which will give him more time with his family.

"Here I am going to be walking out that door for the last time as chief. It’s going to hurt a little bit but it's time to move on.”

Ellen Evert knows the chief and said he's the best.

"I don't want to see him retiring because we all love him."

Betty Green explained Bernodin was more than a police officer.

"He (taught) my son baseball for Little League and he's wonderful, he's a wonderful man."

Another well-known police chief will retire at the end of the year: Joe Murton of Pottsville. He says he's doing that to spend more time with his church where he's a full-time minister.


  • Dan

    Mia, perhaps when your mastery of the English language reaches a fourth grade level, you can apply to become the Schuylkill County correspondent.

  • mia

    I am letting you know that before you do a story talking about a county get all the facts and contact other municipalities. Mahanoy city police chief is reporting also. I think you need to stop investigate a little better, it’s bad enough schuylkill county doesn’t get much coverage from your station but when you can’t even do a story right it’s pathetic.

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