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Schuylkill County Bowlers Set Record Number

Posted on: 6:43 pm, December 26, 2013, by

What a bowling season it’s been for JD Barton from Schuylkill Haven and TJ Trout from Pottsville. The two-man team combined to roll a 1,616 series that’s #1 in the United States this past year for a three games according to the United State’s Bowling Congress.

“It’s something we set out to do is to get one of these high scores for the season. There’s another one we would still like to get yet, but we’re still working on that one. Overall we’re shooting some big scores and we would like to get going,” said JD Barton.

“Anytime we put up big numbers it makes the place the bowling center look good, it makes the league look good, and it makes us feel good. Yes it was a good night,” said TJ Trout.

How good? After throwing a 258, a 257, and a 288 JD finished with a perfect 300. TJ finished strong too a 278 after a 279-277 and a 257. Their four game series topped out at 2,194. That’s fourth all-time in us history.

“It’s one of your goals. I mean it’s one of your goals when you pick up a bowling ball one day that you want to see your family and friends notice you hopefully one day in the USBC Hall of Fame and put up numbers like that,” again said TJ.

Before you start putting up the numbers JD and TJ have there is a protocol you first have to go thru. You have to be a sanctioned member. You also have to be a USBC member and as part of a two-man team you have to roll 21 games together before you can start counting those numbers towards the top.

“I have fun with it. It’s relaxing. I hooked up with TJ a while ago. He started drilled my stuff for me and I’ve been shooting big scores. It gives me a night out to hang out with my friends,” again said JD.

According to TJ the key to rolling big scores is all in the carry.

“That’s it. Make the stars align. Make everything work and carry well that night. Knock a lot of strikes down,” added TJ.

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