More Fiscal Controls For Football League

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HAZLETON -- An organization in Luzerne County that police say was ripped off by a former treasurer is speaking out. The group said it's taking steps to prevent anymore troubles over their money.

Colleen Bresnock is accused of stealing $8,500 from the Hazleton Area Football League. The organization teaches about 150 young men and women the game of football, competition and sportsmanship.

Bresnock has admitted to the theft and awaits court action.theft

League official Hank Witmayer said the organization has taken steps to protect itself from similar acts by others.

"It’s a dishonesty bond and it'll cover for anybody stealing money or misappropriate funds."

Police say most of the thefts took place at an ATM.

Jeff Matyas, a board member, explained the use of an ATM card has been stopped.

"We made a lot of changes to (how) the finances are conducted of the league. There won’t be one person or two people make any monetary decisions or spending any money without the whole board addressing the expenditure at a public meeting," Matyas said.

League officials say Bresnock violated their trust.

"A lot of people come to this league. They love football and frankly don’t have a lot of money and they're scraping up their money and for somebody to just come in and take it is heartbreaking,"  Witmayer said.

Officials of the Hazleton Area Football League said if Colleen Bresnock is convicted, they want restitution made to the tune of $8,500.