Dealing With The Snow

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HAZLETON -- Some viewers in Lycoming County say they woke up to as much as five inches of snow Thursday morning. That was near Hughesville.

Newswatch 16 talked to folks in Luzerne County to see how much they got.

Nick Beltrami has been plowing the parking lot of the Church Hill Mall in Hazleton for nearly 40 years. The latest load of the snowfall was enough to call Nick out.  He says it's a way to make a few extra bucks.

“It was a little gift, I guess, little gift for me anyhow. I know a lot of people didn’t like it but every inch counts.”

But this latest round of snow is nothing to storms Nick has had to deal with.

“Eventually we would start hauling it out then, if it got too much we did several years haul off the property,” he said.

Jeff Bezick used to live in Hazleton. He's in for the holiday visiting family and helped push the snow away.

“I wasn't ready for it when I woke up this morning, had the car washed and woke up this morning and had a couple inches of snow and was pleasantly surprised,” Bezick said.

Dan Demelfi said he wasn't surprised by the small storm.

“The weather report said we might get some this morning, like we did on Christmas Eve and it's Pennsylvania and December so I am not surprised.”

There are warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast, so this snow won't last long.