Day After Christmas Shopping Down

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While Christmas is over, the holiday shopping season is not.

The day after Christmas is traditionally the day for people to return gifts, use gift cards and find sales.

Shoppers were headed back out to the stores to make good on after-Christmas bargains, spend gift cards, and even return gifts that may not fit.

In Tannersville, there was a steady stream of cars turning into The Crossings Premium Outlets.

In spite of some winter weather, shoppers made the trip in search of sales and whatever was left on their Christmas wish list.

At the Stroud Mall near Stroudsburg, however, there was a noticeable lack of shoppers on the day after Christmas.

“I thought not a lot of people here, it’s the economy I think,” said Sonya Porter of Kresgeville who brought the family to the mall. Her daughter Alana had one thing in particular she wanted.

“She primarily wanted to get the case for her new phone. But we wanted to do some exchanging for sizes, and hopefully spend gift cards.”

Of course there were others who wanted to share in the traditional shopping experience.

“I like to try stuff on, I don’t like to get it and have to return it. It’s a hassle, this is more fun. I love to shop, so it’s different,” said Sharon Valinote of Sciota.

Dawn Vititoe of Got Beans, a cafe in the mall, relies on the mall being busy and figures the weather, a short holiday season, and the internet all have something to do with a lack of shoppers.

“Usually by now we’re packed, it’s a little disheartening, hopefully tonight more people will come in tonight,” she said.

If the sales and gift cards aren’t enough to draw in crowds like in years past, people in traditional retail shopping said something will have to change next year to keep the Christmas cheer rolling.