Another Investigation at Sherman Hills Apartments in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE — Police were busy in Luzerne County early Christmas morning after a man was shot.

Wilkes-Barre Police said Tyrone Scott is in custody, accused of shooting another man Tuesday night, in the leg at building 312 of Sherman Hills apartments.

Officers were on scene investigating for hours after the midnight shooting.


  • Linny

    It’s not just Sherman Hills that is the problem. It’s the whole city that’s gone to hell in a hand basket.

    SWB has become so crime & drug infested, it’s hard to even pick through to find the good hard working people. 1 out of every 3, is either a criminal or drug dealer or both.. And the crack ho traffic is out of control, as well..

    So sad how this city has turned into the slums it has become.
    I lived in Sherman Hills back in 1976. It was a beautiful & safe place to live.
    Both my Son’s were born in WB & what a legacy they now have in a city that was once a nice safe place to grow up…

    Shame on all the officials that sit at their cushy desks & live in their safe cushy homes while the crime & drugs continue to escalate out of control…

    And we won’t even start about the homeless street people that sleep in the weeds behind my building. Most have mental issues and/or drug/alcohol problems & most are dangerous… JUST SO SAD!!!!!

  • Jesse Childress

    Congratulations. You are so dedicated to spreading your hate that you must login to WNEP on Christmas morning just to make racist comments. You are truly a gift to your family and society.

    • bob

      I don’t see one racist remark. Is scumbags a race? Are you assuming we are talking about a certain race? Whose the racist here?

  • hater

    Drug testing is a good idea but first send them packing where these scumbags came from losers these people are acting like wild animals with no regard for human life shut all these places down then they have no choice but to go where they came from scumbags

  • bob

    Every one that gets public assistance should be subjected to drug testing. If they fail they get no help. Period. All the crime is related to drugs. From public housing to welfare to food stamps. If they want assistance from hard working individuals that pay taxes they need to submit to random drug testing and they must pay for the tests themselves. Consider it “the right to freeload off of other peoples money” tax.

    • Sam

      I agree! It’s silly that large companies drug test their employees, yet people who receive welfare aren’t tested. Good, well-meaning, hard-working employees lose their jobs over something as silly as some marijuana, while these scums sit on their asses all day long, watching tv, and collecting their monthly checks. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I, as a hard working respectable man, can’t come home at night and spark up a joint, while the rest of the world can pop a beer. Alcohol (which is a drug, by definition, might I add) tends to make people rowdy and reckless, where as mary jane does the exact opposite. I’ll steal a line from Kat Williams “Pot makes you happy, hungry, and sleep, that’s it!” But I’m getting off topic now.

      TLDR: Drug test welfare recipients. Don’t drug test hard working, respectable citizens.

  • Mike

    Its not the City’s Fault, or the Property Owners Fault,

    Its the SCUM BAGS that live there…. PERIOD….

    If you close it they will just migrate to ruin another neighborhood…

    Whatever political smoke and mirror strike force you create it isn’t going to work…

    Law enforcement needs to roll up their sleeves kick in doors and start cutting the cancer out of there one Scum Bag at a time.

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