Last-minute Shoppers In Schuylkill County

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We’re are exactly zero shopping days left until Christmas. If you still haven't finished your shopping, we wish you luck with that!

In Schuylkill County we talked to shoppers and business owners.

The shopping for Christmas trees is just about over at Pioneer Evergreen Farms near Schuylkill Haven. Owner Bill Fetherrolf said the cut trees won't go to waste.

"We donate for a secondary Christmas which is Russian Orthodox Christmas, so these trees go to the Philadelphia area to a center city church and they're thrilled to get these trees."

At the Schuylkill Mall near Frackville we found plenty of people getting that last minute gift.

Shopper Lori Ruteck of Port Carbon explains that she's not usually this late.

"I would always be ready the beginning of December, maybe mid-December I'd be all done but not this year it's been too hectic."

Another person looking for gifts is Mike Nyer of Pottsville. Neyer said he has little choice but to get shopping in at the last minute.

"I am usually on the road quite a bit so by the time I get vacation time here and catch up on everything it's all for the kids."

Folks shopping for Christmas dinner made Boyers Food Market in Pottsville a busy place.

Karen Messel explains her Christmas tradition.

"Going to go home and do some cooking for tonight. Reporter: do you usually do dinner on Christmas Eve? Answer: yes, we usually do Christmas Eve and the the kids get Christmas day for the gifts and all of that." Messel said.

Some shoppers  say they're in a hurry because they know some stores close early Christmas Eve.


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