Donations Pouring In For Family After Christmas Eve Fire Claims House

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- A family in Luzerne County has lost their home just a day before Christmas after an early morning fire tore through it.

Now their community in Sweet Valley is coming together to help them in their time of need.

They may not be Santa Claus and his elves delivering bags, but the items one group of people brought are much needed. Donations were dropped off at the Sweet Valley Fire House to help the family after an early morning Christmas Eve fire tore through their home in Ross Township.

“How could you not?” asked Karen Stanski who brought items in from Fairmount Springs. “You pull together as a community, pay it forward and you never know when you could be in those shoes.”

“They’re looking for clothing, they got out with just the clothes on their backs, the father didn’t even have shoes on,” said Deputy Fire Chief Stan Davis. “We’re accepting any clothing here, our Sweet Valley EMS is coordinating that and we’ll get the stuff to the family.”

But instead, the family came to them to show appreciation for all that’s been done.

“We’ve received countless phone calls of people just asking how they can help and what they can do and it’s just, it’s amazing to see everyone come together and so much,” said fire victim Rachel Coenen.

“I couldn’t imagine being without the stuff today, any day for that matter so if somebody needs something we’re going to do it,” said Tammy Keller who brought donations.

There is nothing left of the Coenen family’s home on Bloomingdale Road. Sisters Rachel and Tasha Coenen say they were not at home when the fire broke out but their parents, 9-year old brother Tyler, and 13-year old sister Casey were. All four got out but one of the family’s dogs did not.

“The little ones, that they can have a Christmas, it’s nice because they’re very upset about the whole thing and the dog,” said Tasha.

“We’re just trying to remind each other that we all survived, that our family is alive and that’s matters and that’s what we have to be thankful for, exactly,” said Rachel.

Donations for the family can be brought to the Sweet Valley Fire House in Ross Township.

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