Couple Beaten, Robbed by Armed Men

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HAZLETON — Hazleton police are looking for armed men after a home invasion late Monday night.

Authorities said four men with masks, armed with a gun and a machete broke into a home on West Maple Street around 11:00 p.m.

Officers said the men threatened and attacked a man and woman living here before making off with cash and other items.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hazleton Police.


  • jacob parker

    Wow I believe the major media outlets are run by primarily right wing leaning folks. Jelly stone ranger you are what’s wrong with our country. Ignorance, racism, and a lack of education or understanding of the socio exonomic factors . Wow crawl back in your hole wrap yourself with the giant swastika blanket I’m sure you own and die!! :)

  • jellystoneranger

    Wnep has nothing but hamstrung reporting because like most news outlets , they are liberal . Watch them jump all over a conservative issue ! Nothing but ghetto scum and river crossers and throw some white trash in for good measure that dominates the news cycle every night but no outrage from Wnep. No comments on the local law enforcements pathetic attempt at controlling the influx of these violent drug criminals that are killing , stabbing,beating or robbing on a nightly basis! Just remember the worse the crime gets , these local hacks will cry for overtime from the State or Federales to grease their paychecks . How about hastling these questionable looking people right on the street ? Pull them over wether they are on foot or in a car from out of town. Easy to run the plate or ask them who they are because they fit a description. Soon the word gets out it’s not a hospitable place to operate which it certainly seems to be now! Let the ACLU try their crap like they did in Hazleton when Barletta tried to stop the influx of illegals into Hazleton . How did that work out for Hazleton ? 125 years ago the Vigilantes took back a small lawless town in Montana . Virginia City. The people took the law into their own hands because law enforcement was both corrupt and cowardly.It’s just about come to that.

  • Timmy B

    Looks like more “Illegals” just trying to make up for those ACCESS cuts…. Because being a law abiding, Taxpaying, Citizen just isn’t enough these days….

  • Ron

    That’s all their Political Correctness permits them to depict. Local media outlets routinely hide physical descriptions of criminals, thus exacerbating the problem.

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