Anonymous Donation Helps Shuttered Senior Center Reopen

EDWARDSVILLE – Volunteers at a senior center that was forced to close last month in Luzerne County told Newswatch 16 that the place was able to reopen this week because of an anonymous donation.

Volunteers said the Edwardsville Senior Center closed in early November, because there was no money available to fix a broken heating and air conditioning system, as well as leaks in the building.

Charlie Reisser said a local man who donated thousands of dollars to help pay for the repairs, wants to remain anonymous.

“Everybody cried, they hugged each other because we figured we`re not coming back,” said Reisser. “We`re back in time for Christmas, this is the best Christmas present anybody could give.”

Edwardsville Senior Center Director Sherlene Long told Newswatch 16 that volunteers and members celebrated the reopening Monday afternoon with cake.

“We call him our secret Santa Claus. He`s an angel, that`s all I can say. Because without that, we wouldn`t be here today,” said Long.

Diane English told Newswatch 16 that she was grateful for the generosity from a stranger, so she could catch up with old friends over lunch.

“If they couldn`t come here, they didn`t want to go anywhere. That was such a wonderful thing for the family to do, whoever did it, we`d like to meet them,” said English.

Volunteers said they will try to plan a lunch with the anonymous donor sometime in the New Year.


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