Shamokin Furloughs Two Full-time Officers

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SHAMOKIN — Shamokin’s police department will lose two full-time officers and two part-time meter officers under a spending plan approved Monday night.

The cuts are less severe than anticipated. On Sunday, Shamokin’s mayor said four full-time officers were in line to be laid off.

The 2014 budget okayed by city council also furloughs one employee of the streets department and changes a secretary in the codes office from full-time to part-time.

Shamokin police chief Ed Griffiths says the furloughs leave his department with nine full-time officers.

The chief tells Newswatch 16 he is hopeful that council can find a way to restore the positions in the new year.


  • Debra Kennelly

    They could have saved the same amount of money by dismissing 2 board members instead of firing 4 officers, and putting the town at a higher risk of wrong doings with a shorter Police force. I’ll bet those 4 Officers have young family members too. Bad decision…and just before Christmas. Talk about your Grinches! Karma has a way of coming around again, and note that there are 2 types: Good & Bad.

  • Tracie

    I moved back to the area as I am originally from the Shamokin/Paxinos area and I am sad to see the state of what our town has become. The answer is not in cutting law enforcement but helping them make a difference in getting our community back together. This is a very disappointing measure they have taken. My father and mother are actually afraid of the town they grew up in…And I worry about them everyday with breakins from heroin addicts looking for easy items to pawn in order to get another fix. If we can’t find another way to stand behind our officers in our community what will happen to the future of our town and the people that are still living there?

  • Mark

    I think the city of shamokin should have let mr. Bartos go first on the list of cuts. He was given an est. $9,000 raise and for what? He issued his wife a $2500 check before the COPS grant was submitted late. He also screwed up alot of other stuff for the city employees. Best part of all the city should have thought twice before hiring mr bartos on account of his employment history.

    • John Dombrowski

      Not only that Mark but he couldn’t even show for very, very important council meetings but can go to Mt. Carmel H.S. sporting events due to his rotator cuff surgery. Woo Hoo! I had major open heart surgery and was out in public within 2 weeks!

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