UPDATE: Interstate Reopens Following Rig Wreck

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP — Southbound Interstate 81 near Clarks Summit has reopened after a truck crashed off the side of a bridge.

According to PennDOT, the crash around 5 p.m. Monday closed the southbound lanes from the Clarks Summit exit (194) to the Business Route 6 exit (191).

As of 7:30 p.m., state police said one lane had reopened. Both lanes were open around 10 p.m. once the wreckage was removed.

Authorities said a tractor-trailer traveling on Interstate 81 near Clarks Summit lost control and its trailer ended up off the side of a bridge over Layton Road in South Abington Township.

The trailer was believed to be carrying lumber.

There is no word on any injuries.


  • George Miller

    I love the big rigs on 81!
    I drop in behind them and reduce my drag.
    The trip to Harrisburg is cut down with the speed there running.
    My gas milage is great when running 81 at 81 behind the trucks..
    Lead, Follow, or get out of the way and dont hit one when your trying to pass at 90!!!!!

  • Maureen

    Thank God nobody was hurt. We all need to be careful of other drivers, whether you’re in a big rig or a mini cooper. It’s all about respect. Finger pointing will solve nothing.

  • D OttO

    lets not group all truck drivers into the same group as those that neglect to follow the rules of the road there are enough four wheeler drivers that can qualify there too.this specific event was caused by a suv driver not paying attention maybe even texting or or a cell phone who knows but thank god nobody was killed.

  • cj

    Let’s hope justice is served to the driver in the Mercury SUV. Its time to wake up and realize if it wasn’t for truck drivers there would be no food at grocery stores, no fuel at gas stations, no clothes at department stores, nothing! People need to wake up and stop putting the blame on people making an honest living, while others sit and wait for their welfare check to come in so they can spend it on menial goods (all of which are delivered by trick drivers).

  • frank


    • Kevin

      Your a jackass I get drug tested all the time and I never no when it’s coming and I have electronic logs that cant be cheated and I make 75k a year is that not real enough a job for you… and I was born in this country my parents were born hear and my grand parents were born here I’m probably more American then you douchebag and I have 3 million safe driving miles… how about you asshole ???

  • HM

    This is from the Times article about this same accident. so while everyone is attacking the TRUCK DRIVER maybe you should take a look at the OTHER DRIVER. And for the love of all that you believe in PAY ATTENTION!!!

    “State Police Trooper Michael Seechock said a Mercury Mountaineer SUV driven by a New York woman struck the side of a 2003 Freightliner driven by Froilan A. Jaramillow, 50, of New Jersey around 5:15 p.m traveling southbound near mile marker 193 in South Abington Twp.

    Trooper Seechock said the impact caused Mr. Jaramillow to lose control of his vehicle and hit one end of the bridge. The vehicle rode the bridge’s concrete rail for approximately 120 feet, Trooper Seechock said, before its rear-end tipped off the bridge, falling onto Layton Road below.

    While the trailer was partly suspended in the air, the cab of the truck was wedged on the bridge.”

  • rosemary runkle

    i live near a truck stop and there is an off ramp which you are to stop before entering on the road i have came so close and there has been so many accidents because truckers flyoff the ramp and never stop but so do the four wheelers i dont know why they cant see you are to stop there has been very bad accidents were lives has been taken

  • Jonathan Lackawanna Truckload Services

    Jim, you don’t see #$%&! Tell me what that upside down red and white triangle is attached to that post at the end of the on ramp you drive on and see these truck drivers who own the road. Do you even know what that sign means? I SEE IT ALL THE TIME, you idiots who drive 4 wheelers think we in big trucks can stop these 40 tons on a dime, when we should slam on our brakes cause a wreck just to let you merge onto the interstate! You don’t YIELD, you don’t LOOK, you don’t even bother to touch your brakes. I could squash you and your Hyundai like a grape. You and so many like you have no idea what it is like to drive these trucks and what it takes to maneuver these vehicles. How about you pay the road taxes that I pay. I will guarantee you we do own the road.
    A truck 65 feet long (53 foot trailer, 19 foot rig) traveling at 60MPH is traveling at 88ftps (thats 88 feet per second), more than 1 whole truck length per second. Lets assume a 1 second reaction time for the driver to realize you cut him off, and for him to hit the brakes. The air brakes of these trucks have what is called brake lag, which means it takes another second for the brakes to engage the drums after the driver has stomped on the peddle, because you cut him off. By the time the brakes even begin to slow the truck, that truck has traveled more than 175 FEET, then these brakes must bring 40 TONS TO A STOP BECAUSE YOU CUT HIM OFF. By the time that truck comes to a stop over 500 FEET later, maybe, just maybe you and your car will not be implanted in the grill of that truck, because that driver is a PROFESSIONAL who recognized you as a MORON who thinks moving in front of a truck on the interstate with 10 or so feet to spare is good enough, will have SAVED YOUR LIFE by NOT plowing into you. So maybe instead of blaming the truck drivers maybe you should THANK them for not killing you because of your STUPIDITY!!!

  • Steve Brown

    There needs to be more regulation for truck drivers. Too often you hear of them not doing their full 8 hrs of rest time. 81 south bound has been bad lately with truck drivers trying to run people off the road….I remember when they changed the speed limit to 65 for cars but trucks were to stay at 55…Yea right! There are some safe truck drivers, I do not want to stereotype them but far too often when it is dark out the impression some of them give is, “We rule the road…move out of our way.”

    • Jonathan Lackawanna Truckload Services

      Steve, WE havent had 8 hour breaks in a long time. You think we need to be more regulated than what we already are??? Do me a favor go down to the Petro in Scranton or the Pilot in Dupont and stand in the parking lot of trucks, stand on your soap box and tell the drivers they need to be regulated more than they already are. You won’t make it out of there alive. We are allowed to drive 11 hours a day and those 11 must be broken up by a 30 min rest break with no more than 8 continious hours driving. We can only work 14 hours a day, we can only work 70 hours a week. We are quickly becoming the most regulated industry in this country. Starting next year FMCSA standards are mandating EOBR. If you don’t know what those are Steve, how about you check out FMCSA before you go shooting your mouth off about how we are regulated!

  • jr

    they don’t think they own the road people cut them off or stop too quickly in front of them it takes a football field to stop one of them b/c they carry heavy loads and are bigger than a car or pickup truck

  • Paul

    Listen jim apparently you have no idea what your talking about have you considered a 80000 pound vehicle might handle different on wet roads than yyour minivan? I make my living on the roads and everyday i have 2 or 3 people narrowly miss causing a accident by pulling out in front of me cutting me off and so on. Considering these village idiots probably share your mentality that trucks handle and stop like spots car that explains alot. So next tim your in a rush and cut off a truck think about what can happen.

  • jim

    it lost control it says, and the roads are fine! its because truck drivers speed and think they own the road,,.i see it all the time

    • HM

      here is a portion from the article the Times posted earlier about this same accident:

      “State Police Trooper Michael Seechock said a Mercury Mountaineer SUV driven by a New York woman struck the side of a 2003 Freightliner driven by Froilan A. Jaramillow, 50, of New Jersey around 5:15 p.m traveling southbound near mile marker 193 in South Abington Twp.”

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