Police: Parents Put Baby In Danger

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TAMAQUA — A father and mother from Schuylkill County are charged with not only running a meth lab but also allowing their baby to be there at the time.  Police said that put the boy in danger.

First responders closed off a block of Lafayette Street in Tamaqua.  A resident reported a foul smell coming from a neighbor’s house on Sunday night. Police say they found a meth lab in operation.

Investigators said 6-month-old Sage Boerner was put in danger. Police explained his parents, Travis Boerner and Desiree Cramer, allowed Sage to be in the same house as the meth lab.

Police Chief Rick Weaver said the danger was real.

“They’re recklessly endangering him. There’s a chance of explosions, caustic chemicals, fire and to have a 6 month old in the house doing this, they were also charged with reckless endangering other people due to fire and explosions.”

Taylor Skwait is also charged with running the Tamaqua meth lab along with her friend David Miller.

“Wrong place at the wrong time, I was just there.” Miller said.

Neighbor David Gallahar said he’s surprised a meth lab was operating in his block.

“It’s a dangerous situation to be in. It’s something we don’t know about (until) it’s too late or it’s been discovered. We were fortunate there were not fires on the block or explosions on the block.”

What disturbed neighbor Don Taylor more was finding out baby Sage was in the meth lab.

“I don’t think that’s right doing all that with a baby in the house. They could have messed up a whole bunch of houses up here could have killed people.”

All of the suspects are locked up in the Schuylkill County Prison.


  • Shamed

    I am ashamed and mortified to have seen every single incident which this young lady had landed herself into such a terrible life. I feel terrible for Sage but also for the mother tho making bad choices, almost without realizing the result of their consequences had something gone bad. Obviously beyond the pull of drugs and other issues I know have had negative impact on the girls life… The boyfriend was by far the worst and certainly didn’t act as a real man who loved a women should and instead of telling her she’s hurting herself by usin but then getting her into more. I hate to see these events coming but bad Influences are just that. sounds like these two needed a whole lot more reason and smarts in their lives… And it’s just a horror story… I’m overall just depressed… Yeah they made bad choices.. But u ppl talking poorly and doing nothing but putting them down are pitiful because u only mean to show how much better u are cause you think you are superior…. Quote of mine… Don’t look down on anyone unless you are helping them up… Perhaps if more people actually saw the reason behind having understanding for some people’s cases.. Maybe this might be a better society, maybe… Probably even inhibit the vicious cycle which creates more people and causes / cases likes this… We all have our weaknesses… Don’t be so quick to judge and think ur better.. But yes endangering your son to crystal fumes is I hope a rock bottom .. Hope they see the light and come out better people.. And when they do if some give them a chance… Don’t continue to harass them… They may have a chance. Good luck to this whole family

  • Queen Bee

    I happen to know them all personally and its shame how drugs gets ahold of us. It’s this area that we live in. We r trapped in this web with no where to go I really hope this is awake up call for all of them n get their stuff together esp Dave cuz he was def in the wrong place n at the wrong time!

  • jj

    Everyone makes mistakes what they did was wrong and there doing there time so give them a second chance in life no one is perfect we all get our time in jail what comes around goes around people no one is perfect so don’t ever think you are.

  • jared starr

    I happen to know both of them and they do love sage, although I don’t believe they were being responsible parents, and as for the father getting the mom on drugs is bull carp sex was more than a willing participant and if anything it was her idea. She is definitely no Angel, hopefully this is a wake up call and they can get their act together and be responsible, for sages sake

    • Nicole

      I feel sorry for the baby… the parents deserve exactly what they get and you’re right hopefully they do learn their lesson. Until then, and however long that takes, I hope that innocent child is placed with good parents!

  • jr

    its sad a gift from God and they put that child at risk …. the other sad part is that child is now ripped from the only people it knows only to be thrown into a system … i hope he gets adopted by a loving family who will take better care of him …. some people these days need to grow up and think before they do anything

  • Brenda

    That poor baby.. I hope they stay locked up.. I lived next to someone who had a meth lab and I have a 7yr old a 17 yr old and a 16 yr old and we had all those odors and mist in our home from the neighbor… no child should go through something like that…..

  • DVB


  • JRS

    What a bunch of idiots. It’s better for the kid to be raised by someone else, although it’s sad. The kid would never have a chance with these two dummies as parents…God help these children…

    • Michael J Whah

      For you JRS to sit there call these parents idiots is stupid. I helped raise the mother of the baby. But am surprised she would let the baby be in the house. However I believe the father of the baby had the mother hooked on this drug. For you set there and call them dummies no that the mother of the child is not. The boyfriend I hold more responsible for this then the mother. No child should ever be raised by someone else unless its the childs parents. Hopefully this is a lesson learned by the both of them

      • mattsilf

        No, the other guy was right, they ARE idiots. Smart people dont become meth heads, cook meth, sell meth, etc. And REALLY idiotic people do that stuff with kids in the house, not smart people. If she was grown enough to make a baby, she was grown enough to know what she was doing was wrong. And saying her boyfriend got her hooked is just a cop out, its a shitty excuse at that. People on drugs always have some sort of excuse as to why they started and why they continue to do it, its sickening. A smart person says no, regardless of who is trying to get them hooked. Druggies dont stop doing drugs because theres always someone telling them, “aww its ok. Its not your fault”.

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