Armed Robbery Suspect Caught On Camera


SHENANDOAH — Police in Schuylkill County are looking for the man wanted for armed robbery.

They believe the man went into the Valero gas station on South Main Street in Shenandoah around 8 a.m. Monday, pulled out a knife, and demanded cash.

The clerk hit the panic alarm in the store and the man ran off.

Authorities released a security photo of the suspected robber. Police said the man in the picture was approximately 5′ 10” and slender with a tattoo on both sides of his neck. They said he has a fresh scar below his right eye on his cheek.

Anyone with information call police in Shenandoah at 570-462-1008.


  • jellystoneranger

    This entire area is infested with these animals. Losers who don’t have the guts to live the right way and work for a living and make something of themselves . This is what happens when society led by liberals breaks down . You never saw this 40 years ago. The American way has been destroyed through entitlements fostered by Democrats destroying the families! There is no shame anymore if you are a perpetual loser . Check the backgrounds of these people and you almost always see the same blueprint!

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