Car Full of People Plunged Into a Luzerne County Lake

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HARVEYS LAKE-- Five people plunged into a lake in Luzerne County when a driver lost control of her car Sunday.

Authorities said a car full of five people ran off Lakeside Drive around 12 a.m., and wound up in Harveys Lake.

According to police, they all got out okay.

Dive teams were called in to make sure the car was empty.

The car was pulled out of the water, about an hour-and-a-half after it went in, Sunday morning, in Harveys Lake.


  • aggravated

    Maybe it wasnt around the lake maybe “we” drove straight into the lake bc the fog was so thick couldnt see the stop sign or the lake in front. just bc it was around that time doesn’t mean alcohol was involved u moron sometimes its just called an accident, don’t judge until u get the facts only the ppl there know the actual truth and the fear that was felt no one could ever imagine what that felt like so keep ur comments to urself…

  • very curious

    It’s very interesting how no blood or urine tests were ordered seeing as there’s no reason you should be driving fast enough to lose control like that around harveys lake especially since there is no snow or ice on the roads nor was there another car involved. It could’ve purely been an accident but seeing as it was Saturday night/ early Sunday thats highly doubtful. Thank god everyone made it out fine and there were no others harmed in this accident. But just because no one was seriously injured doesn’t mean that the driver should go untested, experiences like that are terrifying, at the same time though, them getting off scott free will probably enable them to drive intoxicated again. In which case someone can be seriously harmed or killed.

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