Woman Hit by Police Cruiser

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DICKSON CITY -- A woman in Lackawanna County was taken to the hospital after authorities say she was hit by a police cruiser.

It happened just after midnight Friday morning.

Police report an officer was making a left from Boulevard Avenue to Enterprise Avenue when he hit the woman, who was in the street.

The woman was conscious after she was hit.

Authorities are investigating the crash.


  • Marissa

    did he not see the woman when he hit her?? cops these days need to pay attention to what they are doing and not always be on their cell phones.

    • lovesmykids

      I don’t know why you automatically assume the officer was on his/her cell phone. I’m sure it never occurred to you that the woman stepped out in front of the cruiser. Since nothing like that has ever happened before.

      • mom of 2

        I agree with you lovesmykids…I have seen numerous people just recently walking all along boulevard ave at night with dark clothes on…especially by the recycling center where there is virtually zero light….I think some people just don’t have any common sense, not that I want to see anyone hurt but really…also out of that several I have seen a few have been texting and walking and talking on their phones and walking so don’t automatically assume it was the drivers fault whether they are law enforcement or joe public. The pedestrian is not without fault if any of this was the case. Also you can only believe half of what the media reports….

  • Alexis Elizabeth Drob

    So annoying, whatever happen to “REAL” journalism”? Why bother reporting on an incomplete story? You should hold out till you have a whole lot more info before running off at the type writer till you actually have something worthy of reporting to the public.

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