Preliminary Hearing for Alleged “Thrill Kill” Couple

SUNBURY -- As of noon Friday, testimony was wrapping up in the preliminary hearing of Miranda Barbour, the teen mother accused of joining her husband in the murder of a Selinsgrove man in November.

There was a strong show of security outside the courtroom.  A city block near the Northumberland County courthouse was closed off while Miranda Barbour faced a judge for her preliminary hearing.

According to police reports, Miranda’s husband confessed that the couple wanted to kill someone together and that she lured Troy LaFerrara of Selinsgrove to an encounter through an online ad.

In court, two Sunbury police officers testified they got a court order and obtained text messages about setting up the meeting between Barbour and LaFerrara

The officers said Miranda Barbour claimed she was going to meet LaFerrera then lost her nerve.

A state trooper testified that after leaving the barracks Miranda Barbour returned at about three in the morning with another story.

The trooper said Miranda admitted she met LaFerrara. She claimed to stab him because he was getting rough and that she blacked out and woke up to find him dead.  She then claimed to have dumped the man’s body and cleaned up the car.

Miranda`s husband Elyette Barbour, who police say assisted in setting up and helping with the killing,  has his preliminary hearing scheduled for 1:30 pm Friday.

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  • johnobrien1960

    This couple are completely evil! Not sick or have the new afflueza bug, they are truly evil and must be dealt with accordingly! They planned this guys murder and wanted to know what it was like to kill someone. I hope the jury+judge let them see and feel what death is like! Hopefully it won’t take years+years for them to get what they truly deserve! (Death penalty)

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