Police Search for Big Rig Involved in Hit and Run

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MOOSIC -- State police in Lackawanna County are looking for the big rig that hit a car on the highway and kept going.

Troopers say it happened near the Montage Mountain Road exit on Interstate 81 North just after seven this morning.

Police tell us the driver of the car says she was hit by the truck, sending her car into a guide rail.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.


  • June

    My son and his family were hit by a Big Rig on Christimas Eve about 2:30pm on CA HWY 58 in Barstow. Their red Dodge Durango was run off the rode – down the center embankment and rolled 3 times! No one was seriously hurt – miraculously – (Christmas miracle?). The truck was identified as white, with a WalMart Logo. There was a police report done on the scene. What can we do to find this truck? My son only has liability insurance as his car was old and paid for.

  • Sundown

    Most truck drivers are responsible and hard-working individuals that I do see take care when they are on the road, but then again, I am in a van, and a little bit easier to see…the one time I had trouble it was a woman and she was on some kinda sick power trip…cut us off several times in the left lane, wouldn’t let us pass, and actually every time we tried to pass is when she cut us off, and the proceeded to make effort to drive next to us neck and neck. We pulled over to call police, get her plate, company name on the truck etc…she pulled over too! She was all of 5 ft tall, my height and didn’t get out of the truck but she was ranting and raving thru her window the whole time…I was ready to take her on an get my NY on! lol! But she never got out of the truck..so I didn’t either..At first it felt like we were in some kind of “truck killer horror movie!” Maybe she took too much no-doze…

  • jim

    truck drivers are losers who couldnt find a real job, and think they own the road,and know that if they get into an accident or cause one,to keep going so they dont get fired or fail there drug test! and most of them are forigners without insurance! ,,creepy shady people drive trucks period! by the way if u people realize u hit a vehicle, do you reely report it? obviously not ! no respect ever again for truck drivers,, ever

  • disabled taxpayer

    my dad is a truck driver for 35 years an never ever hit a auto/car truck but hes now 71 years old . he see’s a lot of kid driver’s that ( JUST DON’T CARE ) I can only hop they get this driver. Stuff like this gives truck driver’s the bad name

  • chet bugaski

    Probably one of the foreign nationals who do not need to take drivers test in USA, Bill Clinton let drive here.

  • maryanne ryzner

    happened to a friend of mine. the truck took off her mirror and sideswiped her car. Luckily the car behind him got his license number and they called the police. The cops got him before he got back on the highway. Of course he denied it, but had the paint on his truck and a witness to prove it.

  • jim

    this just happened to me wed. night by mile mark 185 north bound leaving work, the tractor trailor smashed into my left side and kept going, theres orange paint on my car, and its prob. gona be totaled, im so disgusted over it. i have no respect for truck drivers,none! and it happened again, makes me very angry they get away with it. i only wish i knew who it was

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