Olympic Luge Dreams

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Last Friday in Park City, Utah, Berwick's Jayson Terdiman achieved a long-time goal of making the US Olympic team.  Going to Sochi, Russia will be a "rush" for a young man who is going places, at a twisting, descending, pace.

"I was in sixth grade and I came home from school and my mother said, hey, I was at work today and I saw this poster for luge tryouts and being from Berwick, I never heard of luge before and I said whats that and she said, I'm not really sure but the kid on the poster looks like he's having a blast!" Jayson said.

And for Jayson, the rest is history! After 13 years of competing with the USA luge team, Jayson made the USA Olympic team.

"Every year's been a great ride, so I'm really looking forward to what's coming up here in February, and hopefully again in the next four years."

It was last Friday at the World Cup, when Jayson and his teammate, Christian Niccum qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

"We really performed on Friday and we beat our teammates by almost a quarter of a second and I jumped off my sled and I screamed and I was so excited. And then I found my mother in the crowd who was there and it was just a very emotional day for both of us because my parents have sacrificed a ton for me to do this sport and I could not do it without them."

But unlike some parents, Jayson's mom, Kathryn, doesn't get nervous when she watches her only son slide 90 miles per hour down ice... She gets excited!

"I'm not nervous because I'm a thrill seeker myself so he gets that from me. I actually tried it myself, I went for a half mile luge and I loved it, I was hooting and hollering the whole way down, it was a lot of fun," said Kathryn.

The doubles luge is set for February 12th in Sochi, and Jayson has his heart set on a medal.

"It's extremely surreal for me because I've been chasing this dream for so long and now that I've accomplished what I was here to do which was make the Olympic team, I really want to take it a step further which is to represent my family, my community, my country and we are going to try our best to try and climb up that podium."