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Brothers Plead To Murders In Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE -- Two brothers from Philadelphia pleaded guilty to and were sentenced for several 2012 Luzerne County murders.

Shawn Hamilton is headed to prison for the rest of his life.

He pleaded guilty to murdering four people in Luzerne County in 2012.

First, shooting a man in the head in Wilkes-Barre and one day later, three people in Plymouth because he did not want to leave witnesses to a drug deal.

The victims were 21 years old, 17 years old and 15 years old.

Investigators said Hamilton also shot and almost killed a fourth person in Plymouth.

For the killings, Hamilton received four life sentences.

"This case will never be forgotten among the law enforcement and prosecution in Luzerne County. The image of a 15 year old covering her face, hiding from a monster, screaming and pleading for her life will never be forgotten," said Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis.

Hamilton's brother, Sawud Davis pleaded guilty to third degree murder, admitting he was part of the Plymouth killing spree.

Davis was 16 years old at the time.

He was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in lock-up.

In court, the brothers heard from the family of their victims, who called them "cowards."

The brothers had a chance to speak as well.

Sawud Davis said in part, "Things happen. I had nothing to do with this."

Shawn Hamilton said, "I'm not really sorry because if I was sorry, I wouldn't have did it in the first place."

For some in the courtroom, hearing the killers talk was unbearable.

"They have no remorse, they're not sorry. They are monsters, what they had to say, it just shocked me," said Kayla Otero, whose boyfriend was one of their victims.


  • Sam

    What really gets me is the comment that Shawn makes at the beginning of the video “Things happen man, it’s the game, they know it”. Murders don’t just happen, especially a triple homicide. Life is not a game, although this is the attitude of many of these ‘modern day gangsters’.


    Both these Druggie Punks need to be hanging in the Gallows in front of the Court House.

    That scum killed a 15 year old little girl. Where was her parents? They need 40 lashes in Stocks for letting her out and running around with the Druggie scum.

    • Sam

      Whoa, back up the train. How can you blame the girls parents? She was 15 years old, by that age you’re pretty much doing what you want and rebelling against your parents. The fact that you said her parents deserve 40 lashes blows my mind. Do you expect parents to keep their children under lock and key right up until the day they turn 18? This girl just got mixed up with the wrong crowd. It is very unfortunate and sad, but I disagree with placing the blame on the parents of the girl. The blame should go 100% to the two defendants, and if anything THEIR mother for not relaying to them the value of a human life.

  • b

    I’d accept other races as soon as they stop the crime and drugs. Yeah, call me racist, seems like the latest thing to do. You know what the opposite of racist is? The answer is “blind”.

    • Sam

      Yeah, because white people don’t commit crimes or do drugs. Psshhh, you’re living in a fantasy world. You choose to see only what verifies your standing on racism. ITS NOT ABOUT RACE. It’s about people who are mentally ill and cannot function in society. They are a number of different, races, religions, ethnic backgrounds.

      Myself, I don’t look at race. Sundown said it very well that “this is not a race issue, it’s a murder issue”. That is very true. Look at the crime and the personality of the defendants, not their race. Skin color has nothing to do with anything what-so-ever.

      • b

        Skin color has nothing to do with it? Drive by a prison and see who is outside palying basketball with your tax dollars.

      • Sam

        Once again b, may I reiterate myself, I DON’T LOOK AT SKIN COLOR. I will drive by the prison and see who is playing basketball with my tax dollars, and it’s not black people, its CRIMINALS. Skin color has nothing to do with being a criminal. You’re a product of your environment buddy. There are white and latino criminals as well…

  • we are not all racist

    Are you serious? Yes, these people are scum for doing what they did. And even if they both died tomorrow, we know that this is not where they will truly answer for what they’ve done. But your Canadian comment? Is that necessary? Who are you Archie Bunker? Maybe you should go to”Canada” code word for LEARN TO ACCEPT OTHER RACES

    • Sundown

      This is not a race issue, it’s a murder issue, that card is getting old, I am from NYC, and WE stopped buying into it long ago! Every race has the potential to be racist!

  • Danvilleman

    Pretty sure Mr Hamilton was in the juvenile system for many years. This goes to show taxpayer money is wasted on juvenile treatment in NCSTU in Danville

  • jellystoneranger

    Just more scum that will be taken care of by taxpayers because our wonderful judicial system is so incompetent that they can’t get a first degree murder conviction in front of a jury.That’s why they have to plea bargain everything !These people need to die . Period .

  • WhatTheHeck?

    Please all you pieces of sh*t who are judging this family, but still raising kids of your own…stop the madness…DO NOT REPRODUCE UNLESS YOU HAVE A JOB AND CAN SUPPORT THEM!

    • Sundown

      What family are you talking about? The murderers family? I should hope not! They will burn if they don’t come to their senses and realize the horrible things they’ve done!

    • baked beans

      These people are scums and each need to pay for what they did like a death sentence would be awesomw eand the mothers don’t know how to rise children so I believed that they failed at there job I hope I see the little one when he come s out

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