Will Target Shoppers Change Their Habits?

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP---Shoppers at Target in Wilkes-Barre Township know all about the recent security breach.

Investigators said from November 27 through December 15th hackers got debit and credit card information from some 40 million customers who shopped in Target stores.

"I'm really surprised. I use my card here all the time because the return policy,it's so easy to return items and the last 2 months I've done a lot of shopping here. And I always use my card," said Connie Rygielski of Nanticoke.

"I do my pharmacy at Target so theres a lot of money that goes through the pharmay that I spennd and I always use my card," said Maryanne Owens of Plains Township.

Many of the folks Newswatch 16 spoke with had their credit information stolen.

Target officials said the seurity breach has been fixed.

These shoppers said despite the worry, they will continue to spend their money here.

"I love shopping at Target. You know I'd rather shop at Target more than Walmart anyday. Even knowing this information has been stolen, I still trust them with my information," said Matthew Piazza of Shavertown.

The question is, will what happened with Target's customer information change the way people pay for their purchases?

Some said yes, others no.

"Now I know I am going to pay with cash anymore. Definitely and stop using a credit card because this just seems to be happening," said Rygielski.

"I've had identity theft before with my credit card so I check it normally anyway, but it won't maker me chek it any more or any less. I'll still shop at Target," said Keith Williamson of Larksville.

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  • JK

    People are idiots. There relationship with their cards is like the women who stick with their abusive husband.. After being a victim twice in eight years we pay cash. If a company requires a card (loyalty, credit/debit whatever) they don’t get our business. Period. There is a security “freeze” on my credit which is something anyone can do for free, but I’m sure most Americans who like to throw money at a problem they created will further add to the banks’ profits by purchasing an expensive ID theft prevention insurance product.

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