Restaurant Owner Vows A Comeback

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The Christmas season is off to a bad start for a business owner in Luzerne County. Last night flames destroyed his restaurant leaving him with a huge holiday mess.

The flames roared and without protective gear you couldn't get close. Fire destroyed the Bell House Cafe near Hazleton.

18 hours after the blaze owner Tom Bell surveys the damage.

"It's really hard to talk about it's hard." Bell explained.

Fire investigators will be here later this week and hopefully determine the cause of the devastation.

"I really want to know what happened because it didn't happen in my kitchen, so it`s not a kitchen fire, so it had to started, somewhere somehow so I really want to know." Bell said.

All day Tom Bell's friends stopped by to offer support. Herb Godfrey said he saw the flames.

"We wanted to come by and see if there was anything we could do, I don't what that is right now but we're here to help in any way we possibly can."

Inside the building almost everything is burned.  A few things survived,including a painting of the Blessed Mother and Jesus. The picture was painted by artist Hushang Tatar.  He believes  it's a sign from heaven.

"It's a holy picture I painted it, I had a feeling for it, a positive feeling for it, it should have been destroyed but it's not ." Tatar said.

No word on when the Bell House Cafe will be rebuilt.