New Computers for Christmas

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MILTON -- Some people in Central Pennsylvania got an early Christmas present, and for many, it is something they did not think they could afford: a new computer.

A company from Lewisburg refurbishes computers, and Thursday, it gave away around 75 of them to families in need.

Helen Reaser went Christmas shopping at the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce in Milton, but she did not spend any money. Helen and around 75 other people got to pick whichever computer they wanted--for free!

"I have two boys and I'm a single parent. The computer will help them out to do their homework," Reaser said.

The computers were donated by Mepush, a computer company in Lewisburg. Conor Quinlan is the company's CEO and says the project is called Megive.

"We just started recycling them and handing them out to people, and it just snowballed and snowballed," Quinlan said.

Mepush partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce to give away the computers to families who otherwise may not be able to afford them.

"The computers usually run between $400-500, and until you get the tower and modem and stuff, and until you get the warranties and all, you're usually looking at a good $1,000," Reaser said.

Robin Baney of Mifflinburg picked up a laptop.

"I do a lot of buying and selling online. I do a lot of art online and I am very ecstatic to be able to get this at Christmas time," Baney said.

The donations don't stop at Christmas time. Mepush is always looking for spare computer parts like monitors, towers, keyboards and mice. If you have any lying around, you can help.

"People clean out their closets, when businesses update, they drop them off on our porch, they call us," Quinlan said.

Quinlan says Mepush plans to donate more computers to families and non-profit groups around Valentine's Day. If you are interested in getting one of the free computers, or in donating one, click here.