Classmates Reeling From Student’s Death

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A community in Pike County is mourning the loss of a teenage girl.

State police say 17-year old Brianna Bunyan died in a hospital hours after being involved in a car crash in Bushkill Wednesday evening.

Just a week before Christmas, 17-year old Brianna Bunyan`s young life was cut short.

The senior at East Stroudsburg High School North died following a car crash while driving away from school.

At North, her classmates are still reeling from the shock of her sudden death.

“It was pretty upsetting because I knew that she got hurt but I didn`t know that she passed away and she lives in my community and we`ve been friends since we were little so it was really touching,” said junior Sabrina Herman.

“To think that I just saw her yesterday and today it`s just I`m never going to see her again, it`s just sad,” said junior Cheyenne Anderson.

State police in Pike County say Brianna's car crossed over Bushkill Falls Road in Bushkill and slammed head-on into a minivan Wednesday evening.

The family of four inside the minivan was treated and released from the hospital.

Brianna was also taken to the hospital where she later died.

“And I feel bad for her little sister,” said Herman. 

“She`s only 8 years old and she lost her sister right before Christmas and it`s hard for the family,” said junior Vanesa Gones.

School officials say Brianna was an honor roll student who was on the varsity softball team and choir.

For these students, Brianna was a sweet friend with a warm smile.

They say they will value every day from now on so that Brianna won`t have died in vain.

“Live life like it`s your last day, so happy if times get rough, it can get worse so always think of the positive,” said Herman.

“Anything can happen, it can happen tomorrow, you just never know,” said Gones.

 “And just be thankful for what you have because you never know when you can lose anything or anyone,” said Anderson.

State police are continuing to investigate the deadly crash in Pike County.

Grief counselors are expected back at East Stroudsburg High School North again Friday.