Winter Skin Care Tips

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At one point over the past few days, many of us have spent some time outdoors. Whether it was brushing snow off our car or shoveling snow and although a warmup is on the way, we`re not out of the woods just when it comes to cold weather in the winter. And that`s why area dermatologists say this is the time, we should all be paying more attention to the largest organ of the body; our skin.

From skiing on the slopes to shovelling snow, any outdoor activity this time of year can do a doozy on our skin.

"It gets really dry, itchy, flaky," says Tina Glynn of Scranton.

"I do have to use different moisturizer and stuff like that. Same with my scalp- that kind of gets dry too," says Renee Vanhorn of Carbondale.

And to help give us all some relief from that skin saga in the winter months, Newswatch 16 turned to Dr. Christine Cabell, the director of dermatology surgery at Geisinger Wyoming Valley.

Dr. Christine Cabell, dermatologist says you can tackle it from within by hydrating and drinking a lot of water. Also, a humidifier in your room helps, especially in your bedroom when you`re sleeping at night.

Another tip? Take notice of your bathing habits this time of year. Does this sound familiar?

"The main thing is taking a shower, Oh my, my skin will itch like a sun of a gun," says Al Aukscunas of Scranton.

"You want to keep the temperature not real hot, a moderate temperature. And keep the length of time you`re in there short. Use a moisturizing body wash and when you get out and you`re drying off. It's the perfect time to apply moisturizer when your skin is slightly damp," Dr. Christine Cabell added.

And with so many moisturizers on the market how do you know which one to chose?

"For moisturizing the skin you don`t need to spend a lot of money. You can go with some of your lower end brands. Look for things that are heavier. Heavy petrolatum or mineral oil. Look for things that don`t have fragrance or irritating ingredients," Dr. Christine Cabell added. "Some of our patients with severe eczema go to the lengths of using crisco as a real heavy moisturizer. Probably good on the hands and feet but not on the face."

Dr. Cabell also stressed even though it's cold outside, don't forget your sunscreen. She says you can still get sunburn strong the glare of the snow. Shoveling or snow sports. Recommend of 15 or 30 combined in moisturizer- antibacterial go with soft soap

To answer some of your everyday questions about your winter skin care routine, click here!

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