Theft At American Legion

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FRACKVILLE -- A former treasurer of an American Legion post in Schuylkill County has been charged with stealing from that organization.

Frackville police said Sean McCormack stole $45,000 when he was treasurer of American Legion Post 398.

Current legion officials said the theft took place in 2012, and that McCormack has been voted out of the legion. Members and others said they were betrayed by McCormack.

"I knew something was going on, but I wasn't sure, but they got him and that`s what counts." said Clare Oliver, an American Legion member.

Anna Mae Croh who volunteers her time at the legion believes, if convicted, McCormack should spend time in jail.

"I think it was rotten, I think it was ignorant, he robbed from the veterans who come here, and I think it was very ignorant of him. I wouldn't trust him as far as I can spit, sorry to say that." Croh explained.

Current treasurer Pete Kostingo and others suspected something was wrong. Kostingo said McCormack did something very unusual.

"We asked for an audit of the books, he took it upon himself to close the legion down, change the locks and locked everybody out of the legion," said

Pete Kostingo added that McCormack violated the trust of the vets.

"I was just bewildered because how can you be having a bar operating and have money coming in and to not have any money to show for it ," Kostingo said.

Legion officials said with $45,000 gone, last year they had to scale back on contributions to community groups and organizations.

Sean McCormack was unavailable for comment.

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