Forty Fort Police: Snow Thrower Dispute Led to Homicide

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FORTY FORT -- Police in Luzerne County are trying to figure out what drove a man to shoot and kill another man Tuesday night in Forty Fort.

What they do know, is that it happened when the suspect was trying to get a snow thrower from the victim

At the scene of the shooting in Forty Fort, the law firm in front of the garage where police said a man was shot to death over a snow thrower was locked shut.

It's a much calmer scene than just hours earlier, when more than a dozen officers looked for clues.

This after investigators said Brian Pavia called 911 to tell authorities he shot someone.

A block away from the scene, John Harvilla said neighbors remained calm.

"We`re not that much worried about it, you`re going to get a bad apple in every bunch," said Harvilla while shoveling snow.

But who is the bad apple in this case?

Police charged Pavia of Plains Township with criminal homicide. He is locked up in Luzerne County.

Police said both men were contractors who did handiwork. According to the police report, Pavia came to pick up a snow thrower and told police he was not expecting to run into John Dulsky, 38, of Hanover Township.

According to the police report, Pavia told investigators that Dulsky started the trouble and punched him. That`s when police said Pavia shot Dulsky twice.

An area contractor familiar with both men said the run-ins date back to their high school years.

As the investigation continues, people in the Forty Fort neighborhood are trying to make sense of what happened.

"You`re telling me it was over a snow blower? That`s a hard way to get it," said Harvilla.

A couple of law enforcement sources close to the case say privately, they expect Pavia to fight the charges by claiming he acted in self-defense.

Pavia`s lawyer did not return Newswatch 16's calls.


  • ME

    Was that it, a punch? It seems a bit excessive to shot someone, but that type of thing can be decided in court. What’s really sad is that two grown men have detested each other since high school, and it ended with one of them dying. Sad, really.

  • Jeremy

    This appears to be a fairly clear case of self defense. Mr Pavia was attacked. If you feel threatened you have a right to defend yourself! Pennsylvania is a state that has a “stand your ground” law. When you are being beaten you have the right to use force to protect yourself. I truly hope justice is seen and Mr Pavia is released promptly.

  • Ball Drainer

    I hope justice is served in this case and Mr Pavia is released immediately. Its a sad day when you are attacked in the middle of the street, left with no recourse but to defend yourself….. and are arrested. This is Zimmerman all over again. Defending yourself in this country is being made illegal. THERE IS NO DUTY TO RETREAT IN PENNSYLVANIA. If people act like wild beasts and try to hurt you, then you should put them down like wild beasts.

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