DUI Memorial Wall Honors Victims

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STROUDSBURG -- Victims of drunk driving crashes in the state are being remembered on a mobile memorial wall that made its way to the Poconos Wednesday.

For one woman, the wall is a way for her to pay respects to her brother, who was hit and killed by a drunk driver seven years ago.

Many people may look at the wall and all they see is a list of names of people killed by drunk drivers.

However, to Ashley Honey, the list is a painful reminder that her brother's life was cut short at age 16.

"I remember certain memories that we had. I stay in his old room now, so I wish I could just see him again but I can't," said Honey of Kunkletown.

Jason Honey is one of the names on the DUI Victim's Moving Memorial.

The memorial is inside a 30 foot trailer and lists the names of about 1,800 people who were killed in DUI-related crashes in the state since 1945.

The Monroe County Detective Unit planned for this memorial wall to be parked outside the County Courthouse in Stroudsburg as a reminder to people why they should not drink and drive.

Ashley Honey came out to see her brother's name and reflect on the kind of person he was.

"Amazing kid, hard worker, he did good in school, he loved welding," said Honey.

On January 19, 2006, Jason Honey was driving on Route 534 near Kunkletown. His sister said he was driving on his way home from a night bowling with friends. That's when a woman, driving under the influence, hit Jason's car head-on, killing him.

"He was on life support for two days and died," said Honey.

The woman responsible is Mary Driesse of Lehighton.

She was charged with drunk driving and went to jail.

Ashley hopes the wall reminds people, getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking is not worth it.

"Every name on this list meant the world to somebody, and they're missing them around Christmas, every holiday, everyday," said Honey.

Monroe County Detectives are asking everyone to be responsible this holiday season.

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