Snow Day Spent Sledding

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Some kids didn't waste any time enjoying their day off from school.

Soon after they received word school was "closed" due to all the snow, they grabbed their sleds and snow tubes and headed to a popular hill, just outside Stroudsburg.

"We're just going sleighing in our free time. We got bored in the house and just wanted to do something," said Nicholas Milonas of Stroudsburg.

"I got outta cleaning my room. It was either go outside or clean my room. So I picked go outside," said Sydney Taylor of Stroudsburg.

But the kids weren't alone.

Some of their parents joined them because they too had a day off from work, thanks to all the snow.

"Snow days are great, no matter how old you are. You still get the same feeling no matter the age. It's wonderful to be out here today and enjoy the Pocono weather with the kids," said Nick Milonas of Stroudsburg.

"Look at it, there's snow everywhere! It's fun, come on!" said Jon-Erik Amman of Stroudsburg.

"I have my sled. I'm ready," said Deb Taylor of Stroudsburg.

For the kids, both young and old, the hill was a pretty smooth ride.

But there was one part that drew some attention.

A little ramp, made of hay and snow, sticking out ever so slightly from the hill.

Some kids were drawn to it and decided to take on the challenge.

I was one of them and braved the ramp.

But if you ask any of these "kids", nothing beats a day off from school or work and a day filled with sledding.