Regional 9-Ball Tournament Champions

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It's a game of 9 ball at Cosmo's Billiards in Dickson City. This tune up includes three women from Luzerne and Schuylkill counties who qualified this past year at 9 different amateur regional sites gaining enough points to make it into the top 64 for the Regional Tour Championship in Phoenix Arizona beginning January 16th.

"I've been traveling a little bit. I've been going to Maryland, Virginia, and New York to qualify for this and I've been doing better at each one and it's building my confidence. I'm ready to do better and do good at this tournament," said Alex Calabrese.

Joining the Rookie of the year Alex Calabrese from Schuylkill county is Nicole Nester from Hazleton and Dawn Fox from Hunlock Creek both skilled to run the table in any 9 ball tournament.

"We'll obviously you play a lot of top ladies from around the Northeast and it's a grind definitely. What's the key to 9 ball for you? The key to 9 ball is not only playing offensive, but also defensive. Sometimes you have to play safes," said Nicole Nester.

"You have to be a little aggressive and then you have to play safe also. You have to use your head a lot, but then you can't let it take over," said Dawn Fox.

These women will be in a group of 64 competing in the WPBA Regional 9 ball tournament championship next month in Phoenix Arizona and an invite is on the line for the top finisher to be on tour in 2014 and the prize money pretty hefty too nearly $11,000 dollars on the line.

"I'm really looking forward to it. I'm really excited to play some of the top players from around the world and hopefully I do well," again said Nicole.

A fabulous four days in Arizona for one of these ladies could be their ticket to the top of the women's pro tour.