Another Snow Day for Students

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HONESDALE -- The wintry weather Tuesday again closed schools around our region including in Wayne County where the snow fell for most of the day.

So what's a kid to do while he or she doesn't have school??

On the heels of a weekend storm that dumped up to ten inches in some places around Wayne County, it snowed through the morning and into the afternoon Tuesday.

That makes a total of five snow days for the school districts in Wayne County and so kids dropped the books and picked up the shovel for the day.

With school cancelled for the day, you could find Bobby Hnatko and his buddy Caleb Reed taking a break indoors playing a friendly game of pool in Honesdale.

Outside the snow was piling up, a welcome sight for the two entrepreneurs who spent a couple of hours shoveling in exchange for cash.

"Pretty fun, first thing that goes through your mind, want to get out here and get shoveling, make some money," said Reed who is in the 8th grade.

The two waited just long enough for several more inches to blanket the sidewalks and driveways before heading back out to take care of business along North Main Street.

A day without school for the teens is a day for fun and for earning a buck or two.

"Going around shoveling everyone's driveway," said Hnatko. "So we can get some money."

In the Wayne Highlands School District, students faculty and staff had two days off last week for snow, this week they've already had one snow day and it's not even winter yet.

Technically speaking, that is. It sure feels like the middle of winter with the temperatures well below freezing and all the snow on the ground.

But on a snow day, high school senior Abby Millon gets to sleep-in and spend a few hours on the job at Weniger Music & Video Express.

"It gives me extra money to buy gifts for people," she said.

A snow day in mid December also comes at the perfect time for kids who have a few things left to buy for family and friends this Christmas.

Tristyn Bodie and his dad capitalized on the fact there's no school and shopped for someone special.

"So we can get some stuff for my mom and family," said the 5th grader.

Weather permitting it's back to school tomorrow for students in the Honesdale area.

There are just a few more days until Christmas break.