$636 Million Dollar Frenzy For Mega Millions

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At Convenient Food Mart in North Scranton, the lottery machine was on fire, pumping out Mega Millions tickets again and again.

Folks bustled in and out throughout the day, hoping for a shot at a $636 million jackpot.

With a prize that huge, the question really is: who isn`t playing?

“You got to play to win, hopefully this will be the winner,” said Mary Ann Leggin of Scranton.

“You have to, four dollars, even two dollars for a ticket, you have to,” said Shawn Swingle of Hamlin.

“The jackpot’s too high, why not, put in a couple bucks to win,” said Donny Sylvester of Scranton.

This whopper jackpot started much smaller back in October, continuing to roll over with winner-less draws.

That sent this to second highest payout for the Mega Millions and sent people into a lotto frenzy.

And everyone has their own tricks to playing with lady luck.

“I have certain numbers that I always pick, it`s my daughter`s birthday, I always play them numbers and the rest I just Quick Pick them,” said Sylvester.

Workers here say extra staff was brought in just for the Mega Millions frenzy saying every time jackpots get this big people go nuts.

“Everybody has high hopes, you know, it`s that one ticket. people come they buy like $20 worth,  $50 worth, $100 worth but it just takes one ticket,” said employee Bill Maloney.

“The girl talked me into buying a Quick Pic because she said this could be the one so I bought it,” said George Leggin of Scranton.

And with a jackpot of $636 million, it`s not a question of what would you do with all that money but what wouldn`t you do?

“I wouldn`t be going to work tomorrow, I`d be going right down to Harrisburg,” said Swingle.

“I`d be happy with a million dollars,” said Sylvester.  “I`d be happy with ten dollars if I could win ten dollars.”

If there’s no winner in Tuesday night’s drawing, Friday’s jackpot could reach close to a billion dollars.