Sherman Hills Task Force Holds First Meeting

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WILKES-BARRE -- Just a few weeks ago, the Sherman Hills task force formed with a goal of putting a stop to the problems in Sherman Hills. The task force, made up of politicians and community leaders, held its first meeting today, where members discussed their plans. Those plans include beefing up security.

Members of the Sherman Hills task force say they left their closed-door meeting at the Luzerne County Courthouse feeling productive and hopeful, but cautious.

"I`m guardedly optimistic that they are sincere," said Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-17).

They, being the owners of Sherman Hills; it's the housing development that, in the past year, has become a focus of crime in Wilkes-Barre.

The owners of Sherman Hills recently sent a plan to federal housing officials, detailing ideas about how to solve some of the problems at the complex. Sherman Hills owners suggested making the development a gated community, adding fences, security cameras, and security guards. The task force reviewed the plan in its first meeting.

But officials say that because of hud procedures and policies, it could take some time before any of these suggestions or plans are implemented at Sherman Hills.

"What they do is basically they work off a thirty day time table. Obviously some of the things that are being discussed are longer than 30-day project," said Rep. Cartwright.

People who live in Wilkes-Barre say they don't mind how long it takes as long as something is done.

"The first concern is the children. What`s happening right now is these people that`s here that`s doing all this has no regard for the kids," said Bruce, of Wilkes-Barre.

Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton says the purpose of the task force is to meet with residents and be their voice. It's not clear what else they plan to do, but residents say having that voice is enough.

"They`re hands on with everything that`s going on here. So the politicians need to listen to the people first and then everybody will take the right steps to go further," said Bruce.

Representatives for the owner of Sherman Hills and their security consultants are expected to be at the Wilkes-Barre City Council workshop and meeting tomorrow and Thursday to present their remediation plan. HUD plans to do more inspections at the complex, and the task force plans to meet with residents a few more times in the coming months.


  • JoAnn Kennedy

    Cartwright knows and so does Bob Morgan they have been dodging the stealing of my home with all their contacts in DC. They have the numbers I gave them the contacts — HUD is made up of banksters and Bob Morgan has to appease the PAC masters 202 649 3012 or 202 730 4922
    Owen the Regulator

    Victor Concelli special agent 202 730 0436

    Mike Powers Omnibudsman
    202 649 3010

    Steve Phillips

    Rene Febles Fhfa OIG 202 730 4926

    Peter Emerzian
    Deputy Inspector General of Investigations
    File Z-12/6-25

    Karen Briscoe
    Duty Agent

    202 730 4919

    Dean Philips passed the buck to
    Mike Powers at Fannie 202 649-3010

  • Kathleen Prest

    There are good and bad people everywhere, in every community. Sherman Hills is not made up solely of “bad” people. Also, local politicians and community leaders do not live there, so how can they know what the people who do live there want or what the real issues are. It might be worth your time time conduct a focus group made up of people who live there to see if they have and concerns and how they think it might be best fixed. It sounds to me like no one is taking their thoughts into consideration. I know no everything that comes out of the focus group would be good or even helpful, they can give these people insight as to what it is like to live there. Also, maybe elect a person or two from those who live there to be on this committee. Many of the people on the committee, I assume, have never even had a quarter of the worries, experiences, or struggles many of these people face every single day, and without talking to them and trying to understand, you will never know what the best solution is. Understand this: People do what they need to do to feed their children, feed themselves, and pay their bills, and if that means selling drugs, so be it. Also, understand that addition is a disease. It’s not a choice. Yes, the first time, or even few times, they did the drug it was a choice, but once you’re addicted, it no longer is. These people need HELP, not fingers pointed, ridicule, and taunting.

  • hambone

    Anyone saying they don’t know who the trouble ones are. Are jusy ignorant and unwilling to change there living situation ..the police who say they don’t know are just lazy or unwilling to put there life on the lin for people who are not willing to take charge of there own lives and make t life better

  • hambone

    The people who live their are the problem they invite drug dealers to stay with them to earn extra cash or free dtugs’s pretty apparent who yhese people are so just get rid oc them ..

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