Scranton City’s Budget Will Stand

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SCRANTON — By a vote of 3-2, Scranton city council decided Monday not to override mayor Chris Doherty’s veto of changes to the Scranton’s budget made by council.

This now means the mayor’s proposed budget will be signed and take effect.

Mayor Doherty had vetoed council’s amendments to the 2014 budget on Friday, forcing council to call for a special meeting Monday night to vote on whether or not to override that veto.
Mayor Doherty had disagreed with council’s changes to his budget proposal. Changes that include reducing or increasing some city workers’ pay, and creating some additional city jobs.

According to the home rule charter, Scranton’s incoming mayor and council can only change this budget in the case of an emergency.

The 2014 budget will take effect January 1, 2014; the same day new Scranton mayor Bill Courtright takes office after Mayor Doherty’s term ends after he chose not to seek reelection in Scranton.