Mega Frenzy Over Mega Millions

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The Mega Millions jackpot is up to an estimated $586 million, which is one of the largest prizes in the game's history!

People waited in line at Puffs Express on West Fourth Street in Williamsport to buy Mega Millions tickets.

"Since it hit 550, probably every other customer has been coming in and getting five or three, getting their fingers into it," Casey Beggs said.

Arnold Cavanaugh of Williamsport bought ten tickets in hopes of getting an early Christmas present.

"Why not? $500 million, that's a lot of money," Cavanaugh said.

The jackpot is actually an estimated $586 million. Lottery officials say it is the fourth largest jackpot in U.S. History. In October, Mega Millions added more balls to the game, making it more difficult to win. The odds of matching five white balls and the gold mega ball are now one in 259 million.

You are more likely to be struck by lightning or become president of the United States! Even so, people who usually don't play mega millions are buying tickets!

"I don't know it's just in my gut. Something said go buy a ticket so that's what I did," Munirah Walker said.

According to lottery officials, there hasn't been a big winner since the changes were implemented. That's 21 straight drawings without a big jackpot winner. But according to some people here in Williamsport, they believe they will be the big winners and they're already thinking about what to do with the money.

"Help my daughters out and my grandchildren out and maybe have a nice big house built out in the country," Rosanna Stine said.

"Go traveling and stuff like that," Cavanaugh said.

"I might pass out if I win, but I'm going to be a winner. I've gotta look out for my children first. They're first and foremost my family," Walker said.

The Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday night at 11. You can see it live right here on WNEP-TV.


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