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A Mother’s Plea


Jessica Socling of Williamsport said she last saw her three sons, ages 8, 6, and 4, a few days before Thanksgiving. That’s when she said the boy’s father picked them up for his regular visit and took them far away.

Socling said her three sons mean everything to her. Four days before Thanksgiving, Socling dropped off the boys at their father’s for a visit. Socling and her husband, 35-year-old Majed Sayed are separated. Sayed did not bring the children home when he was supposed to. Socling made some frantic phone calls and said her worst fear came true.

“Customs informed me that the children had gotten on a plane to Saudi Arabia and they were in the air at that time,” Socling said.

Sayed allegedly kidnapped the children, which violates a Lycoming County court order prohibiting him from taking the boys out of Pennsylvania. The children have been in Saudi Arabia, away from their mother for almost a month.

“Trying to keep in contact with them since then and trying everything I can to convince him to bring them back,” Socling said.

After Socling realized her children were on a plane to Saudi Arabia, she contacted authorities and the FBI charged Sayed with three counts of International Parental Kidnapping.

Socling’s attorney said Sayad’s and the children’s passports were taken away last year, and he may have forged passports to get to Saudi Arabia.

Sockling said her youngest child has severe developmental delays and needs therapy, which he is not getting in Saudi Arabia.

“That’s one of the reasons we had moved here so he can get the therapy he needs here,” Socling said.

Socling says she is desperately trying to get her children back.

“I have to explore every avenue I can. I have to talk to as many people as I can until I get to the point where somebody says yeah maybe we can do something about that,” Socling said.

Jessica Socling said the boys are with her husband’s family in Saudi Arabia and they are safe. She also says if her husband brings her children home safely, authorities may not press charges–she simply wants her children back. The FBI and the United States Attorney Generals office are handling the investigation.


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