Snowy Weather Brings Shoppers to Resort Areas

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A shiver of delight, as tubers slid down the hill at Shawnee Mountain.

James Koonce and his mom, Lisa, were visiting from New Jersey, where the nine year old said they rarely get snow like what the Poconos saw this weekend.

We asked him what he thought when he saw the weather.

"That it was like a miracle," he said.

At businesses where snow is a money-maker, the blanket of white was a most welcome sight.

Jason Urciuoli is the operations manager at Shawnee Mountain. He said, "When you have snow in your back yard, you just feel winter, you want to come out, and you want to participate in snow sports."

Urciuoli added that Saturday's snow came at a perfect time, boosting business immediately, and also getting the ball rolling for the holiday season.

"It's really next weekend that we should see a pretty big influx of people, snow looks great, mountain looks great, it really helps with the grooming, and natural snow. There is nothing like it," said Urciuoli.

After a morning on the slopes, Lisa Koonce is ready for an afternoon indoors, in the stores.

"We might hit the outlets, do a little Christmas shopping," said Koonce.

Just a few miles away at the Christmas Factory near Marshalls Creek, managers are hoping lots of people have the same idea.

Jennifer O'Hay, general manager of the Christmas factory said, "People will come out to go skiing, they will take some breaks to come shopping. There is so much to do in the area, when you have all that snow, it just makes it all the more fun for everything."

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