Preparing For The Snow

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POTTSVILLE -- The forecast is calling for the first widespread snow of the season that we'll have to shovel and plow.

From crews checking plows to folks making sure their tires can handle the snow, people in Schuylkill County are getting ready.

Jack Williams Tire in Pottsville was a busy place. Almost every bay was filled with vehicles getting new tires.

“The thought of getting tires was before I knew there was a storm coming. I was told by my mechanic I should get new tires, so I'm glad I am getting them before a big storm,” said Frank Peron of Pottsville.

Not only are new tires a good idea, so is stocking up on a few extra groceries. That’s what some people were doing at Boyer's Food Market in Pottsville.

“We've got to get food and stuff because if that weather comes, nobody will be able to get out,” said Melissa Davis of New Philadelphia.

Crews who will be responsible for clearing Pottsville's streets were  making sure everything is ready.

“We're responsible for 48 miles of roads in the city of Pottsville,” said Dan Kelly of the street department. “Each truck and driver has one section that he's responsible for in the city.”

Mike Brown of Pottsville said he's looking forward to the snow.

“We need it. It's a good thing for the kids. They got to get outside.  They’re not going to be in school. It's happening on the weekend, it's a good time to happen.”

At the hardware store, there were plenty of snow-removing tools and stuff to have a little fun, too.

“We have some sleighs and some blow-up inner tubes so I would like to think we're in good shape going into the snow storm,” said Rich Fenstermacher of Haddesty's Hardware.

The owner of Haddesty's Hardware has tons and tons of ice melt on hand and he says if the forecast is accurate, people are going to need it.