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New Volunteer Steals Bell, Red Kettle From Salvation Army

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WILKES-BARRE – Workers with the Salvation Army told Newswatch 16 that a new volunteer walked off with an apron, a bell and a red kettle, after just a few hours on his first shift.

Lt. Ted Tressler says the picture of the suspected crook was captured on a surveillance camera inside the Salvation Army building on South Pennsylvania Avenue, where other volunteers are sorting through toys and clothes that will be given to 650 needy families this Christmas.

"It seems pretty apparent that he came with a purpose in mind and not necessarily to help,” said Tressler. "If you see someone walking around carrying a kettle, ringing a bell, let someone know because that`s not the way we do it; they`re always hanging on a tripod with a sign.”

People shopping at Schiel’s Family Market on Hanover Street told Newswatch 16 that they were disgusted that someone would rip off the Salvation Army.

“To steal from people that really need the money, not only that, it`s unthinkable. That`s low,” said Shayla Williams. "Now people are going to be worried, is this the person that did it. It`s not fair, because my daughter loves to stick a few bucks in there every now and then.”


  • jr

    well that’s why i mail them money in a check or buy toys and drop them off …. this way there is no temption for them to steal the money for themselves

  • angie

    This is my first year volunteering as a bell ringer for the Scranton area Salvation Army and I can honestly say the majority of people, myself included are doing this with the best of intentions. We stand out in the cold, wind, and rain if necessary to collect what we can from the generous people who give anything from a few cents to a few dollars or more. And yes, you do have to provide I.d. but if someone wants to steal theyre going to do it regardless but please do not let these few individuals mar the otherwise good work that is being done by this organization and its volunteers.

    • Tom R

      I agree! SA should be doing background checks on all employees and volunteers. These people are the image of the Salvation Army, and to think that they let just anyone stand out there and represent them is scary. For all they know, they could have a child molester (disguised as a bell ringer) out there trolling for kids.

  • Grinch

    Does that money go to help local people or support their drug rehab program? You should check out “charities” and how much if any of that money you donate goes to the thing you think it does.

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