Details Emerge about “Fraternity Ritual” House

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More details are emerging about the death of a New York City College student who investigators believe died during a fraternity ritual in the Poconos.

We also know more about the property where the trouble occurred.

2140 Candlewood Lane near Long Pond is where authorities believe an 18-year-old student from Baruch College in New York took part in a fraternity ritual conducted outdoors last weekend.

That’s when Chun Deng of Queens fell backwards and died a day later.

Newswatch 16 has learned a man, by the name of Adam Cassino of Brooklyn, New York, is the property owner.

We called Cassino to get more information about his property in Monroe County, but there was no answer.

Court papers said Cassino’s property was rented to more than 30 members of the Pi Delta Psi fraternity chapter at Baruch College in Manhattan for the weekend.

The property is located in a development called “Sierra View”, a housing development with more than 1,200 properties.

Newswatch 16 investigated the Sierra View’s Housing Association by-laws.

It states “All lot rentals shall be with a person of legal age in Pennsylvania”.

Investigators believe everyone in the house last weekend belonged to the fraternity in New York.

Back at the property, Newswatch 16 noticed two security cameras on the outside of the house.

The alleged hazing took place outdoors.

It is not known whether Pocono Mountain Regional Police are looking over any surveillance those cameras may have caught.

Court papers said after the student went unconscious, fraternity members drove him to Geisinger Hospital Wyoming Valley, near Wilkes Barre.

The Luzerne County Coroner told Newswatch 16 the victim died from blunt force head trauma.

The manner of death is pending an investigation.

Court papers reveal toxicology and alcohol tests on the victim came back negative.

Neighbors living close to the house in the Sierra View Development are still surprised.

“I didn’t know it was right down the street from me, number one, shock is number two,” said Yvonne Burcette-Simpkins of Blakeslee.

Neighbors also said the development is primarily for year-round or summer residents.

But now, some wonder whether there should be more scrutiny, as to who spends time here, even if just for a weekend.

As of right now, the Pi Delta Psi fraternity said it’s immediately suspending all new member education nationwide.

The fraternity also said it will conduct a full investigation in to the student’s death.


  • Josh

    I don’t think “a person of legal age in PA” means a resident of PA. That wouldn’t make any sense. It means PA’s legal age is the standard. Not NY’s or CA’s, or wherever else.


    This doesn’t say how he got the hurt in the first place. All I’ve read was he feel backward’s. and the coroner said blunt force. Did he get that from the fall or what? News-watch 16 need’s to do a better job and report the fact’s.

  • (@cjr721)

    The homeowner is involved because he rented the property to the students who were A.) NOT PA residents, which they should have been as stated by the development bylaws and B.)The unfortunate accident occurred on HIS property and therefore claims can be made against any homeowners insurance he has.

    • ME

      Yes, and people will sue him, even as they swear it’s “not about money.”
      On the other hand, I don’t feel sorry for landlords who live elsewhere and rent properties here, just so they can beat the system. I’m not saying this was happening here, but it happens.

  • john

    I don’t see why the home owner is involved. Unless the kid fell off the porch, because of a faulty railing, etc. It isn’t his fault. If the kid wasn’t drinking and his”brothers” rushed him to the hospital. It just sounds like an unfortunate accident. RIP

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