Braving The Cold Weather At Christkindl Market

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MIFFLINBURG -- Some people in Union County celebrated their German heritage and got into the Christmas spirit. The 25th annual "Christkindl Market" is in full swing in Mifflinburg.

Folks braved the cold to attend the event. The cold and windy weather certainly made it feel like Christmas in Mifflinburg. But people found ways to stay warm and many say they wanted to come to Christkindl Market before Saturday’s expected snowstorm.

There was bratwurst, cuckoo clocks, and even Saint Nicholas himself.

Christkindl Market in Mifflinburg has everybody's favorite German traditions.  With bitter cold temperatures it even felt like Christmas!  People dressed in their heaviest coats, hats, and gloves.

"I have Underarmour on and I am equipped!  I am ready for this weather, but it's a beautiful day,” said Linda Grencavich of Conyngham.

Most people dressed warm, that is.  Kreyanna Jackson of Troy was not prepared for the cold weather in Mifflinburg.

"I was really hot getting around this morning so I just kind of decided to wear a sweatshirt and my jacket.  But I'm not warm enough.  It's colder than it has been."

"I actually didn't really dress very well,” said Robert Miller of Mifflinburg.      “No gloves and really no hat either.  It's not too bad. I've got a lot of soup and really good spiced wine."

Other people had the same idea. The soup vendors were busy at Christkindl Market.  People ate hot food to warm up from within.

Some people say they don't mind the cold weather or the crowds.  They would rather come to Christkindl Market now while it's just cold out rather than this weekend when there's snow predicted.

"I don't want to leave the house tomorrow.  We thought we could come today and beat the crowd, but I think everybody had the same idea to beat the snow,” said Linda Dressler of Mount Pleasant Mills.

When I told Siegfrid Stolz of Clarks Summit I was cold, he had two words for me.

"Hot wine!” he said. “That will warm you up good!"

A lot of people were drinking the hot wine to stay warm.  Christkindl Market runs through Saturday until 8 p.m. on Market Street in Mifflinburg.  There are over 100 food and craft vendors.

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