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Weathering the Cold Temperatures

Posted on: 5:19 pm, December 12, 2013, by

DANVILLE — It was a good day to be inside, but for some people, that is not possible. Construction workers spent the day putting up siding on the new addition at Busy Little Beavers Child Care near Danville. Crews were out in the bitter cold all day.

“It slows you down a little bit but you just have to bundle up and keep at it,” James Button said.

James Button and the rest of the crew are used to the cold temperatures. They have been working outside all week. Button says they dress warm.

“Layers. Lots of layers,” Button said.

These guys say the worst part of working outside in the bitter cold is the wind.

“If it’s cold and it’s windy that really slows you down. Everything wants to blow around,” Button said.

Some of the workers say the bitter cold isn’t the worst weather they’ve worked in. They prefer this to rain or snow.

“Once you get wet there’s no way to stay warm,” Mike Plants said.

Mike Plants is the foreman for the flood wall project in Danville. He and his crew poured concrete and tried to stay warm.

“What I stress is to stay busy. Wear layers. The big thing is not to sweat but to stay warm,” Plants said.

Plants says there are shelters around the construction site so the crew can warm up from time to time. He also says the extreme weather comes with the territory.

“Part of the line of work. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You just have to dress accordingly,” Plants said.

Plants says his crew is ready for more cold weather, especially since winter hasn’t even officially started!

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