Remembering Missy

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SHAMOKIN -- In the dark and the cold, their candles flickered as they held each other and sang songs for Missy, a girl who loved to sing herself.

Melissa Pangburn, known as Missy to her friends, died Tuesday when her home caught fire on South Rock Street in Shamokin.

"I saw her house burning because I live right around the corner, and I watched them carry her body out. It was very horrible," said Samantha Renn of Shamokin.

"Missy was my best friend, I've known her since she moved here, and I came down as soon as I seen the smoke when I was at my house and I came over here, and I just wanted her to get out," said Tonisha Radziewicz of Shamokin.

More than 100 people gathered in front of the burned out home Thursday night, where balloons and stuffed animals have been left in honor of Missy.

"She was always smiling, she was always happy. She was the type of person that she would see the good in you before she'd see the bad. If you cried, she'd cry with you," explained her cousin Caroline Palmer.

Those who loved her said Missy will not be forgotten.

Her family said they will not forget the outpouring of support from this community.

"To see people here with my family, it's just speechless. I can't set it into words," said Missy's uncle, Larry Palmer.


  • Kaitlyn Lukoskie

    Missy, huh where can I start about Missy. She was, seriously an angel. I guess, god just decided that he wanted her too be one of his own. I miss my babe. My boo. My everything. I hope your doing good up there Miss<3 We'd always go on walks and stuff. But I never thought it could happen to my best friend. Practically my sister!!!! I miss you baby boo<3 hope ur lookin down at "Me,Shyann,Caitlin,Isis." We miss you baby.<3. see you, soon along the long line of life. Oh and forgot too tell you… But "Joey" told me he was in love with you. He said he was gonna ask you out. But god chose to take you from us! Miss you baby doll<3 see ya<3 love u. Hope, too live a beautiful life with you in heaven when I'm dead in my years<3 love u miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxx

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