New Information On Death Of College Student

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- The Monroe County district attorney said that one or more people will be charged in connection with the death of a college student in what has been called a fraternity ritual.

Search warrants obtained Thursday provide new information about the death of the student over the weekend in the Poconos.

Police say during their investigation, they found cell phones, laptops, and clothing with the logo for Pi Delta Psi inside the rented house in the Poconos. Also inside, details of the fraternity ritual police believe claimed the life of a 19-year-old college student from New York.

It's quiet back at the house, near Long Pond, where police believe a fraternity ritual caused the death of a college student over the weekend.

"It's just a tragedy,” said ESU sophomore Rachel Lees.

The news about what happened to the New York students visiting the Poconos comes as a shock to students at East Stroudsburg University.

An ESU sorority member is shocked a ritual she calls "hazing" turned deadly.

In the search warrants, police describe what they believe happened early Sunday morning. Investigators believe a group of nearly 30 Pi Delta Psi fraternity members from Baruch College in New York came to the place to initiate four pledges or candidates into the fraternity.MON DEATH Chun Deng picture

At one point, a fraternity ritual was performed in the back yard. That's when Chun Deng, a pledge, was blindfolded, and forced to carry a 20-pound bag of sand while being pushed and shoved. He fell and went unconscious. He was brought inside the home and fraternity members did an internet search for Deng's symptoms and found the closest hospital. Deng died the next day.

"There's other ways to create bonds than doing embarrassing and unnecessary things,” Lees said.

Baruch College officials called the fraternity event "unsanctioned" and said they had "no knowledge of this event or that the fraternity was rushing a pledge class."


  • Guy

    When I went to college (2005 – 2009) I would stay as far away from the fraternity and sorority lifestyle. They were usually made up of the biggest douchebags on campus. Why freshmen feel the need to not only endure these ‘rutuals’ but also PAY MONEY (dues) to have friends is the most pathetic thing in college life. Only good thing about frats was that it acted like a filter…. all the scum went to one place, leaving the rest of us with a more pleasurable experience.

    • ME

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Guy. I’d just like to add how superficial they are, too. The Kardashians of their time.

  • Betsy

    Fraternity and Sorority members everywhere, young and old alike, please join together to end these initiation rituals. Work with proven anti-bullying programs. Use your energy to prevent future humiliations, injuries, and deaths.

  • Sundown

    This is what people send their kids to college to die? Can’t believe this barbaric practice still goes on! Disgraceful!

  • ME

    Until these types of rituals and hazings are made Illegal in all states, these tragedies will continue. Not only are they stupid and unnecessary, they are disgusting!

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