Luzerne County Drug Bust

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Police in Luzerne County say they shut down a drug operation.

Hanover Township police caught Jessica Muchler, 26, at Marion Terrace apartments after 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Officers say they found psychedelic mushrooms growing in the home.

Police also say they also found heroin, ecstasy, and the materials to package the drugs inside the apartment.


  • nunya bidniss

    With all the problems with crack and guns you’d think mushrooms would be low on their list. if she was peddling heroin fine. but if this whole raid was about mushrooms, it’s a waste. it’s a shame so many people feel like they need the govt to babysit them.

  • Your Momma

    Nice job Task Force! Now you need to stop by Susquehanna County and show their Task Force how to do it. In Susquehanna County one can deal in broad daylight, and this is acceptable, as long as no one bothers anyone… sad.

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