Christmas Tree Vandalized, New Tree Donated

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BLACK CREEK TOWNSHIP -- How would you feel if you had just decorated a tree outside in your yard, and the next day you went outside and half of it was gone?

Well, the Grinch stole Christmas from a community in Luzerne County, but generosity has already saved the day.

Vandals attacked the Black Creek Township's community Christmas tree, cutting off about half of its branches, leaving it in shambles.

“I think it's disgraceful and a lot of people don’t know the true meaning of Christmas and our community does. It brings a lot of people together,” said township supervisor Bonnie Adams.

The township put up a sign offering a reward to solve the crime.

“I posted on Facebook about the tree ‘if you believe there is no God you better hope you’re right,’” said township worker Scott Knecht.

Ralph Brutosky said he’s not surprised the tree was vandalized.

“Vandalism goes on all the time. They vandalize cars, they threw a rock at my door one night, I put up a new overhead garage door.”

A township backhoe dug a hole where a replacement Christmas tree will be planted Saturday at noon. It’s being donated by an unidentified businessman.

We've received tons of calls from people offering trees from their yards,” said Adams. “Something bad has happened to the community. Now something good is happening.”

The township supervisors promise to buy some cameras and direct them on the tree.

If you have any information about the vandalism, you’re asked to call state police.