Cause Of Deadly Fire Identified

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SHAMOKIN — Investigators in Northumberland County believe it was a cigarette thrown in a trash can that started a fire that killed a 13-year-old girl in Shamokin.

A candlelight vigil for Melissa Pangburn is planned for Thursday outside the home on South Rock Street.

Investigators now say the fire started in the trash can on the second floor of the home on Tuesday and spread. The victim was found on the third floor.

A memorial service for Melissa Pangburn is scheduled for this Saturday at Shamokin NUMB FIRE Melissa Pangburn VICTIM MUGArea Middle/ High School auditorium.

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  • Mike Cummings

    According to other news reports, that cigarette was tossed by a 16 year old boy on the second floor. That boy, his parents and the person who gave him the cigarettes should be facing CRIMINAL CHARGES. They should also be held responsible for the damaged/lost property to all families involved. A 16 year old, ILLEGALLY smoking cigarettes is NOT an accidental cause for that fire.

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