Person of the Year: Pope Francis

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WAYMART -- Time Magazine has made its pick for person of the year, and the man who has that distinction for 2013 is Pope Francis.

The pontiff from South America has made headlines ever since he was elected to fill the holy role abdicated by Pope Benedict earlier this year.

Time's managing editor said Pope Francis has changed perceptions of the church from being out-of-touch to one that is humble.

Newswatch 16 spoke to people in Wayne County about the pope and the decision to name him "Person of the year."

As people went about their daily business in Waymart, word that the new pope was picked to be time's "Person of the year" came as little surprise.

Folks like Marion Riefler of Waymart said Pope Francis is good for the catholic church, having been elected by the college of cardinals when Pope Benedict essentially retired.

Between dealing with social issues and internal church issues, the pope has gained a great deal of popularity in a short period of time.

"He's for the people, for the poor, and he's got a lot of good ideas," said Riefler.

"This pope has done an amazing job of being a normal person," said Major Ray Bartholomew of the Salvation Army

That's how Major Bartholomew sees Pope Francis, a breath of fresh air, not exactly someone who comes across as high and mighty.

"He's very down to earth, he's very people oriented. I think he's very good for the christian religion around the world," said Major Bartholomew.

Not everyone we spoke to is of the Catholic faith, nonetheless they support the decision by Time Magazine to select Pope Francis as person of the year, saying the pope is in a class all by himself.

"He's more liberal, I think that's ok. I think people in high places let power go to their head," said Faye Vinton of Waymart.

"He's someone who does good, and sadly in our world today there's not a lot of people who do good," said Paula Davies of Waymart.