Fraternity Ritual Turns Deadly

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- Police in Monroe County are investigating the death of a college student Sunday morning.

Investigators say the man was with members of a fraternity who traveled to the Poconos from New York City and then got hurt taking part in some sort of initiation ritual.

Carmen Mocarski is in disbelief after hearing that a 19-year-old man died from injuries after a fraternity party over the weekend in her neighborhood. She lives nearby and says she remembers seeing police at the home.

"We thought maybe they were having a wild party and somebody complained," Mocarski said.

But police were there to investigate after one student ended up in the hospital.

Monroe County detectives say a group of 30 members of the fraternity Pi Delta Psi rented the home on Candlewood Drive near Mount Pocono.

The fraternity members came from Baruch College in New York City to spend the weekend. With the group, were four pledges, or candidates, who were trying to be part of the fraternity.

Monroe County detectives say the victim, Chen Michael Deng, was part of a fraternity ritual in the yard at home. The detectives say the fraternity ritual included verbal assaults then it turned physical.  That’s when they believe, Chen Michael Deng suffered a traumatic injury.

Detectives say Deng was unresponsive and some of the fraternity members drove him to Geisinger Wyoming Valley hospital.

Doctors say Deng suffered major brain trauma and was placed on life support.

He died Monday from his injuries.

"That's embarassing for Greek life,” said John Janeczko.

Janeczko is the president of East Stroudsburg University's chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. He says these days fraternity rituals to get pledges to become brothers are becoming a thing of the past.

"We have our chapter advisor come around at least two or three times a week to check up on us, so it's become really strict.”

Janeczko says as for that fraternity ritual gone wrong, he feels for the victim’s family.

"It's sad for Greek life, it's sad for the family, have their kid go away from college and have that happen to them."

The investigation is ongoing and so far there have been no charges or arrests for the student's death.


  • Joe

    If your going to comment why not try reading the story first? It did not happen on a college campus around here, it happened at a rented home in Mt Pocono. It is not ignorance either to say the trash coming here is from the city when its the truth. I have lived here my whole life and watched it slowly turn into garbage from people moving here to get away from cities. Many of the people who are arrested around here are from other locations. Drug busts, countless shootings in Wilkes Barre, meth labs…those things were not as big of a problem 20 years ago as they are today.

  • Karen H.

    Why anyone would want to join an organization which requires one to be abused in order to become a member is simply beyond me.

    • ME

      My thoughts exactly. Even more so, why would anyone think this type of thing should be done by a fraternity? It doesn’t prove manliness, toughness or anything else. It’s just childish nonsense that turns destructive or deadly, far too often. It should be made illegal on all campuses.

    • Sundown

      You’re being REALLY ignorant! He came FROM NYC, but the hazing was done on a Campus HERE in the Poconos…AS IF only colleges in NYC participate in hazing? You can’t possibly be THAT ignorant can you? I moved here from the city 5 years ago, and the SAME garbage that went on there, goes on here, in spades. The ONLY difference is that there are more people there, so more of it happens. Stop going through life with eyes wide shut.

      • Look at Facts

        Sundown – If you are going to yell at others and correct them, it might be nice to get the facts you are correcting, correct yourself. The hazing was not at “a Campus HERE in the Poconos”. You make yourself appear “REALLY ignorant” when you respond in this manner.

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